2014-15 On-line Survey Summary


Thanks to all members who completed the on-line survey. If you didn’t have the chance to complete the survey and have comments to make, please let me know. 

There was an increase in completed survey responses from previous seasons, illustrating the interest and commitment of our members. Your valued comments help the committee identify areas for improvement and development. The survey is a valuable tool to ensure the club delivers a high quality program to our junior cricketers, and we will continue to seek member feedback in coming seasons. 

All your comments (good and not so good) have been reviewed and will help us improve our club. 

Survey Summary 

Survey Stats 

Note, previous year’s results are shown in (red). 

98% (98%) (98%) - thought registration fees were value for money. 

98% (100%) (100%) - said their child enjoying playing cricket at ORJCC 

11% (12%) (19%) - had an issue with the club. 

94% (97%) (92%) - were happy with the Coach of their child’s team 

97% (88%) (92%) - intend to return to play at ORJCC 

6%   (8%)   (33%) - thought communication between the club could be improved 

35% - are unaware of the clubs pre-registration period 

94% - attended the Presentation Day / AGM


All our sponsors were known of by our members with AMF Bowling, Subway (Currabine and Beldon) and Meulemans being most recognised 

Improvement areas 



To further improve our communications with members we will:


 cricket ball gliff Maintain the club website offering Club news, activities, team scores, player stats etc.

       please check out the website and forward any comments. 

cricket ball gliff Continue to publish a regular club newsletter 

cricket ball gliff Identify Committee members within playing groups and invite each team to send a representative

       to Committee meetings. 

cricket ball gliff Send information direct to members when required and also place on our website  

cricket ball gliff Encourage Coaches and Managers to attend Coaches/Managers meetings throughout the season. 

cricket ball gliff Support members with a grievance and seek a resolution.


Training for Players and Coaches

cricket ball gliff Coaching Consultant to be available to Coaches and attend rostered training sessions. 

cricket ball gliff Further encourage Coaches to attain Level 1 coaching accreditation. 

cricket ball gliff Teams to have an assistant Coach to help with smooth running of team. 

cricket ball gliff Improved T20 Blast program coordination with WACA 

cricket ball gliff Continue to engage an in2Cricket facilitator to coordinate entry level program. 

cricket ball gliff Work with the senior cricket club to improve pathway from junior to senior sport


Club Events

Were a highlight of the 2014-15 season and to further develop our family social culture, we will again be running several events for our members. For the next season, we have planned: 

cricket ball gliff In2Cricket / T20 welcome evening 

cricket ball gliff Quiz Night – Saturday 28th November 

cricket ball gliff Scratch Matches 

cricket ball gliff Team BBQ’s 

cricket ball gliff Tenpin Bowling night 

cricket ball gliff Guest Speaker(s) and fun activities at AGM / Presentation Day 

cricket ball gliff Fund raising sausage sizzle – Sunday 15th November



Member Participation


Several of the events / fund raising activities could have been better supported by our members. We’re all volunteers - the success of the club and the enjoyment of your child(ren) is dependent on all members (not just the same old faces) supporting club events and helping out wherever possible.


Players leaving ORJCC

We are a small junior cricket club providing the opportunity for children in the community to play the great game of cricket. We provide a safe family friendly environment for our members who are encouraged to develop their social and cricketing skills. 

As the demands of life (school and other activities) increase on our players often a decision is made to “drop” community cricket. If you are thinking of “dropping” please reconsider - playing community cricket allows you to have fun, maintain links with friends, de-stress lifestyle demands and provide a continuation of playing sport into adulthood.





“Parents of all players need to actively participate in the club communications, not just leave things to the coach/manager” 

“Central information on the website with communications emailed and posted on website on a news board or similar”




“Excellent and could not ask for more” 

“I like the pro coach attending one of the boys sessions” 

“Enjoyed the Coach and Asst. Coach, both different styles but very positive and motivating for the boys” 

“All Coaches need an assistant Coach to help out when needed” 

“John Chin and Tom Hills are excellent coaches” 

 “I was very happy with the In2Cricket Coach – I thought he did a great job of engaging with the kids” 

“Ryan was excellent”


One thing that would make ORJCC a better club


“Maybe some extra specialist coaching” 

“Not really sure, I think the club is great, thanks to a dedicated Committee and all the volunteers” 

“Nothing, it’s great the way it is. No need to fix something that’s not broken” 

“Start sessions on time so they finish on time” 

“My children enjoyed the season” 

“update old equipment” 

“more interaction from parents”


What you like about ORJCC 


“Lots of team spirit” 

“The way the club works together as one big family” 

“Continual strive to improve as a club and recognition of member’s achievements.” 

“Just a great club” 

“Nice community feel, with the kids really enjoying their cricket.” 

“It’s a small sized club that looks after its players with a continually improving culture.”


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